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For more information and to schedule a tour call 609-871-9555 and 609-433-7978 (cell)


  • Irish Special - 2 nights at the regular rate for the price of one (plus 14% taxes)....enjoy the Special Irish Food & Decorations at the Organic Green Cafe, across the street from the "Dunk's Ferry Inn at Whitebriar Inn". Hear Irish stories from the Direct Descendant of the Last High King of Ireland, Malichoi O'Moore, in the form of his great great great grand son, William. Hear from the Mistress of the house, the "Leprechaun Hunts" given for the children of the clan, and the mischief done by the little people. Discounted rate mid week is $50 plus tax. Weekends special rate is "two for the price of one", except holidays, ie. March 17, which is St. Patty's Day, and those prices are full rate, listed in the web site. Limited availability.


  • "Easter Tide Visiting the Animals" - Spring season finds all kinds of baby animals, here on the farm at Whitebriar, so enjoy a special weekend of 2 nights for the price of one, and enjoy collecting the eggs, and meeting the animals. A special "rate" for week days is $50 per night plus taxes, and 'TWO NIGHT FOR THE PRICE OF ONE' (except for Easter Weekend, which is available only at the original price listed on the web site). First Come First Serve Basis, space is limited.


  • "MOTHER'S DAY SPECIAL"... invite your mother to come and stay for the weekend, here at the B&B in one of our Friday and Saturday night specials -- 2 nights for the price of one, plus Hotel and Motel & Sales 14% Taxes. Choose your suite from the historic Dunk's Ferry Inn, and it's suites filled with antiques and collectibles. It will be a real special treat when you bring her across the street to the Organic Green Cafe where you can join her for breakfast. With each room reserved, there will be one "Free Breakfast" which can be eaten by your "guest of honor, Mom", anytime from 8am till 11:30 am. Limited space. Reservations needed to hold your date.

May Memorial Day Special:

  • Plan to spend your day sitting in a comfy chair, enjoy a hot dog & lemonade, while watching the Oldest, Largest Memorial Day Parade in the State of N.J. as it passes by the Inns here at Whitebriar. First Come First Serve will give visitors a special "Two for One" Price, plus taxes. Special "late check out on Sunday", so you can sit around and enjoy the animals at Moore's Home for wayward Farm animals, as they graze in the field.


  • "FLAG DAY SPECIAL EVENT" - All veterans, activity duty, American Legion, Veterans of Foreign War or Marine Corp League Members, can receive "two nights for the price of one" plus taxes. Take the virtual tour and choose your suites. The Private collection of 50 WWII "Secret Documents", recently released, are available by request.


  • "Fourth of July Parade Celebration" - All are welcome to help "Wave our Flag high" by participating in the Riverton Childrens Parade. A special discount to all those who wish to "help give out flags" and walk in the Parade as the Oldest Patriotic Organization in the Country, distributes some 9,000 flags to parade watchers. The 1/2 mile parade route is down tree covered streets filled with lovely victorian and colonial homes. Walking in the parade, you will not only get the thrill of being "patriotic" but you will also get "two nights for the price of one" at the lovely, Historic, Dunk's Ferry Inn at Whitebriar.
  • JULY SPECIAL DISCOUNT: "Kayaking on the Delaware" - Only $100 per weekend 2 persons, in one room with a double bed. Breakfast included at the Organic Green Cafe, 1101 CooperSt Edgewater Park, N.J. 08010. Bring your Kayak, walk across the front yard, and (no fee) launch into the Delaware. Tour NJ side of Historic Mansions or PA side Neshaminy State Park.
  • JULY SPECIAL DISCOUNT: "Relax on the Farm in Edgewater Park, NJ" - $100 for two persons in one room for the weekend, 2 nights and 3 days. Breakfast included with the room, and lunch and dinner ($5-8) can be had easily across the street at the Organic Green Cafe, 1101 Cooper Street, Edgewater Park, NJ 08010
  • "Ghost Story Teller by Camp Fire" - Double your fun and bring another couple with you to enjoy the "$45 per group. Two hour event. Snack included.
  • "Historic House Tour" - 1 1/2 hr. tour of two three hundred year old homes, in this very historic River Front Town just 22 min from Phila, 1.5Hr to NYC, 1.75Hr DC.


  • "Summer Campfire" - enjoy the quiet of the Organic Gardens, and the "Fairy Gardens" and their brick paths filled with Herbs, until the sun sets, and the traditional camp fire is lit. Hear local historians tell the Revolutionary and Civil War History of the area, and imagine, you were there. Special Price for the weekends in August, 2 nights for the price of one.


  • "Autumn Harvest" at Whitebriar, will be highlighting the crop of the seasons, be it grapes from three different varieties, or cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, etc. Enjoy the evening campfires. The harvest will be celebrated in over 200 colors of Amber Glass decorating windows and tables at the Dunk's Ferry Inn at Whitebriar. Special Harvest Price, 2 nights for the price of one plus sales tax/hotel-motel tax.


  • "Halloween Ghost Stories" by the campfire will tell you the "Unanswerable incidents" that occurred around the 300 year old Whitebriar, where people lived, loved, and died, leaving their positive memories, in the form of "spirits" who roam the Historic dwelling. Refreshments of hot dogs and a drink will be served, and you can bring the stick and marshmallows to make "some-mores". Special "Halloween Prices, include 2 nights for the price of one, plus sales and hotel tax. Reservations needed as these are sell out weekends, in the beautiful season.


  • "Veterans Day Celebration" - a special treat for all the veterans and their families, with a tour of the Beverly National Cemetery during the sunny afternoons, speaking about the "1976 Avenue of the Flags", "Rose Garden by the Medal of Honor Recipients", 150 Civil War Graves that are decorated - "A Family squabble--all were Americans---All were Patriots" all deserve a place of honor in the Only National Cemetery in the State of N.J. Special rates for "Veterans & families" with 2 nights for the price of one, plus tax. Reservations needed for these weekends to procure your limited space.


  • "CHRISTMAS AROUND THE WORLD" - will include a tour of two historic homes, telling the history of both Scotland and Ireland, as well as that of German, and Sweden, filled with treasurers brought back to America from the families many travels abroad. See the Germanic Candle Abras with angels and hand carved characters of the season. No body makes "vibrant red" like the Swedish, who use their color on everything from chickens, to candle holders. Witness 100 yards of Celtic Plaids used to represent the history of their clan... each color thread in the "tartan" represents a battle... wide stripe is a long battle, thin stripe is a short battle, and a yellow thread means they lost the battle. Mid week specials of $50 per night, and weekend specials for Friday and Saturday night are two nights for the price of one, plus tax. Christmas is a busy time, so book now, and consider using this as a "gift" for your special friend. Gift certificates are available.

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