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What’s on the Dining Menu? Well, you see, I’m the owner and the cook, and I am 5’10” and weigh 200 lbs, so don’t come if you are on a diet.

A typical buffet breakfast includes:
  • Quiche (bacon-onion, pepperoni/cheese, or vegetarian upon request)
  • Home made rice pudding with whipped cream: “You know I had to add a warm cereal, so I used the recipe that I tricked my junior high school daughters into eating for breakfast…”
  • Assortment of muffins (usually what’s in season, including raspberries, pears, nuts, etc.)
  • Waffles: “If you speak to the cook, you can make your own waffle on the iron by pouring the batter and lowering the lid… then sit back and take in the wonderful smells!”
  • Surprise Coffee Cake: “I must brag a little for winning the 2nd prize in the Country for the Most Romantic Breakfast Food at the “I can’t believe it’s not butter” contest. I laugh because I call my winning entry, “Surprise Coffee Cake”. The reason it was dubbed “Surprise” was because no matter what I substituted (out of milk, add grape juice, out of butter use mayonnaise which is only eggs and oil, etc.), everyone at the Inn always raved at the delicious coffee cake.”
  • Many more surprises are added daily to the menu, according to the “whim of the cook”.
  • Fruit juices, tea (many types) and coffee are always available at the Inn.
  • “Southern Delight Dinner (Ham)” and /or “Revolutionary Beef Stew” and all the fixin’s can be arranged by advanced reservation for $25 per person + Sales Tax of 7%.
Please let us know if you have any “food allergies” and we shall accommodate you accordingly.

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Whitebriar Bed & Breakfast

1029 Cooper Street
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Dunk’s Ferry Inn at Whitebriar B&B

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The Organic Green Cafe at Whitebriar B&B

1101 Cooper Street
Edgewater Park, NJ 08010

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Innkeepers: Carole & Bill Moore