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Animal Farm at Whitebriar

Guests coming during the summer months of June thru August may take advantage of the Children and Animal Mentoring Program. The Children and Animal Mentoring Program is where small groups (under 15) of children aged infant to 12 years old come together to:

  • Cook from scratch
  • Work with, feed and pet the rescued farm animals (ponies, pigs, goats, geese, rabbits, and a llama)
  • Dig in the Children's Organic Garden, to plant seeds or harvest tomatoes, pears, green beans, etc
  • Recycle Crafts
  • Photo albums of everything they did
  • Watch 1920’s black and white movies of Abbott and Costello
  • Friday (3-4pm) Campfire: snacks for parents, relatives and friends

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girls with chickenschildren with animalpetting duckchildren with chickensthree girls with chickenschildren with geese There is a $75 annual application fee. The cost is $200 per week for 10 week program or $40 per day with hours being 7:30-5:30pm with structured activities from 9-4pm. All staff are Retired N.J. State Certified Teachers, certified in first aid and CPR, life saving, and family members.


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