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Bill and Carole MooreFramed photo of the hosts of Dunk's Ferry Inn at Whitebriar, Carole Lokan-Moore and husband Bill Moore.

When we purchased the Whitebriar property in 1969, we didn’t feel that after all this time we should change what history has made. Therefore, we often answer to Mr. and Mrs. Whitebriar, although our names are really Carole and Bill Moore.

Back in the 1940’s, Whitebriar had two apartments for rent. When Bill’s father went away during WWII, he left his wife, Florence, and their new born son at Whitebriar. Fate has a way of bringing people and homes together and when Madge VanSciver, the previous owner, offered the rental unit to the newly weds, Carole and Bill, the move to Edgewater park was eminent.

With many years of sweat equity, the restoration of the historic dwelling took place, here at Whitebriar. The other inns became full time summer jobs for the Willingboro High School Science teacher and his “substitute” teacher wife. At one time there were fifteen inns with forty-five suites, but as age crept upon us, the number is now to four, each deeded to grand children, Michaela, Kyle, Colin and Morgan, who all actively participate in this family business.

We are just 3 blocks from the River Line Bev Edgewater Park Train Station, and with reservations, we can pick you up in "hot" or inclement weather at no extra cost.

Whitebriar in the AutumnWhitebriar in the Autumn
Dunk's Ferry Inn During BlizzardDunk's Ferry Inn During Blizzard

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Whitebriar Bed & Breakfast

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Dunk’s Ferry Inn at Whitebriar B&B

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The Organic Green Cafe at Whitebriar B&B

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Innkeepers: Carole & Bill Moore